Employee Engagement at KARAM

KARAM has a diverse mix of people and operates across various cities across India and also in the Middle East.
At KARAM we genuinely believe that both meeting the demands of our external customers and keeping our internal customers happy are equally important. And while we have high production and sales targets – we also make sure that KARAMites enjoy their work, as they toil hard to meet their career aspirations.
The engagement activities aim to create Happy and Productive workforce. At KARAM, the employee engagement comes in various forms-from heartwarming CSR activities to fun filled inter-team competitions. Celebration at KARAM means enjoying small little activities on a regular working day, to a complete off from work on KARAM Annual day.
KARAM engagement activities are designed so as to spread over evenly through the year.

HR at your step”, is in place through which we strive to ensure to reach out to all the team members and address issues pertaining to their respective workplace & related surroundings which otherwise would go unreported in absence of a medium to express.

“President Talk” & “Coffee with HR Head” ” are regular features and KARAMites look forward for such events where they get to listen to the real time experiences of life from their super seniors and can also ask for solutions related to any aspect of life.

Company sponsored outings provide the much needed break and rejuvenation to the employees and also helps them to build bonds with their co-workers from the other teams. Quarterly Team Outing is another activity which is promoted by the Management as they sincerely believe that team bonding is an essential ingredient for performance.

Birthday Celebrations special occasions like birthdays are celebrated- cake cutting, birthdays gifts are only some ways to “we care”.

Fun at workplace includes activities like monthly Birthday Bash and special celebrations like Deepawali, Eid—Roza Eftaar, Independence Day just to name a few.

Activities in 2017

1.   Deepawali Celebration - October 2017
Colorful sparkles of Rangoli colors and ethnic wear of all KARAMites brightened the whole atmosphere when Deepawali was celebrated in all the regions of KARAM.
The event began with Laxmi Puja, followed by Aarti in which all KARAMites actively participated. Puja was followed by Diwali sweets and Bonus distribution and of course selfie corners all around. Happiness was the essence of the day.


2.   Vishwakarma Pooja & Workers Annual Day Celebration - September 2017
KARAM believes in takes pride in its vast workforce… Going by this, KARAM celebrates Workers Annual Day on the occasion of Vishwakarma puja every year and this year is no different. The event began with Puja, followed by Aarti in which all workers & executives actively participated. Puja was followed by President (Technical) Motivational Speech, Awards distribution to Workers, Lunch & Sweets distribution at the end.


3.   Fire Safety Prevention Training - April 2017
On the occasion of fire safety prevention week - Fire safety training for workers, security guards and executives was conducted along with Fire Drills and Fire assessment test.


4.   Managerial/Leadership Effectiveness Workshop - April 2017
A high performance culture implies more cohesive and productive teams. And this is what the focus was the for third and final phase of Managerial and Leadership effectiveness workshops
The workshops were charged with high energy – and teams discussed about new projects. Discussions on reasons for team success and team failures- gave insights on the characteristics of good teams and the do and don’ts of the same. The workshops also emphasized on various dimensions of teams in various project management stages.
The managerial workshops which spread over 4 months in three phases certainly left an impact on KARAM executives. Leadership, Teams, were no longer just the buzz words- they actually got translated into everyday life- and this is just the beginning of New Winnings Innings at KARAM.


5.   Training on Occupational Safety/SWP - March 2017
On the occasion of National safety week , we have conducted training on Occupational safety and safe work practice .we have conducted class room training and onsite training for each department


6.   Holi Celebration - March 2017
Happiness has many colors and one of them is celebrating small moments in a big way.. Going by this, KARAM celebrated Holi with colours of happiness packed with fun activities and games along with lip smacking snacks and drinks.



7.   Women's Day Celebration - March 2017
Karam salutes the Women of today for their amazing contribution in making the world a better place. On this day all female employees along with G.M. & D.G.M. gathered and General discussion (regarding women empowerment) held amongst them... this is concluded with tea & snacks and gift distribution at the end.


8.   National Safety Week- 4th March 2017 - 10th March 2017
National safety week is celebrated with the great joy and enthusiasm every year in KARAM and this year is no different. The aim of celebrating the yearly event of safety week is to promote the safety measures in the community, work places.
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9.   Session on Fire & Emergency Procedures - February 2017
Fire & Emergency training is very important and it is a one part of the workplace safety and as we know our mission to achieve zero injury and Incidence at work place. Fire and emergency response training enhance the skill and Knowledge of executives to beat the fire and also known about fire do’s and don’ts in case of fire and emergency. Fire and emergency procedure must be known to each and every employees to increase the more awareness and response of the worker and executive in case of any types of emergency.


10.   Republic Day Celebration - January 2017

The 68th Republic day was celebrated with great fervor and participation all across KARAM offices

March Targets which are on the rise were not a deterrent to the never failing spirits of team KARAM.

Showing the true spirit of unity in diversity different units of KARAM came forward with different ideas of celebrating Republic day on 25th and 26th January 2017.

In Lucknow office a collage making contest was organized with the theme based on the poem by Rabindranath Tagore “where the mind is without fear”. Teams are cross functional and that apparently makes the task more difficult. But as the members met, new teams were formed, energies met to create synergy and electrifying atmosphere. It was a treat for the heart and soul to see so much of creativity and enthusiasm from each of the 23 teams that were formed. Whatsapp groups were formed so as to share ideas amongst team members, executives willingly worked on their half Saturday also just to make sure that their teams performed. 25th January was celebrated as a pre-republic day get together and all the KARAMites gathered to share some happy times together. While the competition had only three winning teams- the event managed to have a win- win feel for all KARAMites when the day ended with more camaraderie. And not to miss the Whatsapp group initially formed to get work done- continued to steer ahead new formed friendships.

At KARAM Corporate Office idea was different when the employees and management had a live discussion on how important it is to be a “REAL INDIAN rather than a VIRTUAL INDIAN”. Everyone joined in the discussion on how important it is to take an action and stop the wrong doing instead of just posting about it on social media. It was followed by prize distribution for best dressed employee. The event came to an end with a patriotic fervor and unified tribute to our nation. Whereas our Sitarganj unit went a step forward and had performances on Desh Bhakti songs done by various Executives with a tribute paid to the Freedom Fighters who gave us freedom and formerly India declared Republic. A small movie regarding Patriotism was also played during the program. Followed with the same enthusiasm, the Flag Hoisting ceremony was conducted on 26th morning at our premises by Security Officer and all the Security Guards participated the event with Parade in the factory premise.



11.   Managerial/Leadership Effectiveness Workshop - January 2017
The Organization Developmental initiative which started in December 2016 so as to assess competencies and develop executives reached its second phase. In January 2017 again all executives attended developmental workshops and the focus was leadership traits in comparison to managerial traits. The facilitators of the workshop Ms. Nina Chatrath and Ms. Priya Wadhwa through experiential learning methodology captivated their audience. The 2nd phase of these developmental workshops also advised executives to probe their own style of management- and this shall further be worked upon in the third phase which will happen in February –March 2017.


12.   Road Safety Week- 16th January 2017 - 22nd January 2017
Road safety week is celebrated with the great joy and enthusiasm every year in KARAM and this year is no different. The aim of celebrating the yearly event of road safety week is to promote the road safety measures in the community, work places and on roads.
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13.   Training on 5S- January 2017
5S represents 5 disciplines to maintain visual order at workplace. The objective of the training was to further reinforce systematic approach for productivity, quality and safety improvement in all types of operations followed at KARAM. The training was attended by executives from the production as well as administrative departments.


Activities in 2016

14.   Managerial/Leadership Effectiveness Workshop - December 2016
Developmental workshops for all executives was organized in December 2016. The workshop which is a part of organization developmental initiative was just the beginning of the year long program at KARAM. The objective of this program is to assess competencies and develop each individual to enhance their career progression.


15.   Deepawali Celebration - October 2016
Colorful sparkles of Rangoli colors and ethnic wear of all KARAMites brightened the whole atmosphere when Deepawali was celebrated.
All KARAMites reached their offices sharp at 9:00 – it was a day to look forward for- as sweets and annual bonuses awaited them. The event began with Laxmi Puja, followed by Aarti in which all KARAMites actively participated. Puja was followed by Diwali sweets and Bonus distribution and of course selfie corners all around. Happiness was the essence of the day.
And KARAMites again proved that celebrations was not only big events but also in sharing festivals together.


16.   Colors of Joy - October 2016
October began with a festive tone when colors of Joy – the colors of Navratra were the dress code for all employees. So actually fun and happiness lay in small activities. October also began with a generous note when the organization also launched their Joy of Giving initiative – which was in support to the corporate CSR initiatives. The KARAMites have come together to donate for a cause and distribute goodies to the underprivileged. Spreading happiness while sharing is the mantra in this activity wherein KARAMites added some value to the life of some underprivileged children.


17.   Independence Day Celebration - August 2016
Independence Day celebration was a colorful event at KARAM where various teams in the office represented different states in India. Creativities, and enthusiasm, was combined with fun in the atmosphere when all the employees dressed up and also decorated their zones into various colors of India. From Kashmir to Kerala and from Gujarat to Assam – the KARAMites represented it all.


18.   Plantation Drive - June 2016
The CSR team initiative of KARAM organized a Planation Drive in June 2016 wherein all KARAMites across cities in India and in Dubai planted a tree and committed to nurture the plant as well. This was an initiative to pursue the environmental care. While the focus was on getting something back to mother Nature, the activity also helped build team spirit and strengthen friendship bonds between the KARAMites.


19.   KARAM Annual day - April 2016
The year started with a big bang at Agra where almost 400 employees of KARAM came together in a 5 star hotel to celebrate togetherness and success under one roof. And the visit could not have been complete without a visit to the Taj.