CSR by KARAM through Philanthropy

KARAM has always been in the front whenever the Society has cried out its needs- whether in times of Natural disasters, or for long-term addressing of social issues. Some of the notable efforts taken by KARAM, under its philanthropic endeavor “Koshish” are as follow:

1.   Education of the Children of the Underprivileged section of the Society: KARAM supports the primary education of some of the children of Acharya Narayan Dev School run for the poorer sections of the society, in Lucknow. This is an ongoing Project, and KARAM is proud to be associated with the school for funding for its needs since year 2011.


2.   Support to Thalessemic India Society: KARAM supports the Thalessemic India Society in its efforts to provide safe blood and regular iron chelation to the children of the poorer sections of the society, who are suffering from the incurable disease of Thalessemia. This is an ongoing humanitarian project, undertaken by KARAM since the year 2012. Besides monetary funding, KARAM has also funded efforts for creating awareness, and has held regular Blood Donation camps on innumerable occasions, across its various offices and Works in India.


3.   Regular Donations to Charitable Trusts, locally and Nationally: KARAM donates regularly to the Prime Ministers’ Relief Fund and has actively done so on occasions of Floods in Uttarakhand, Jammu and Kashmir, and Earthquake in Nepal. Our Sitarganj Unit has also locally supported the cause of relief for earthquakes and floods whenever the need has arisen its state- Uttarakhand.


4.   Apka Sanyam Hamara Sahyog: KARAM representatives hand out drinking Water & Tea to the hundreds lined up outside the ATMs, across Lucknow, Noida, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata & Hyderabad."