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KARAM is a leading manufacturer of Fall Protection Equipment in the world. In India, it is the largest manufacturer and producer of Personal Protective equipment, which includes a wide range of products, from Safety Helmets, Safety Shoes, Safety Eyewear, Ear Plugs and Ear Muffs, Respiratory protection Equipment (Safety Masks), Confined space entry equipment, Rope access and Rescue products. KARAM also specializes in engineered anchorage solutions by providing a vast range of Fixed Anchorage Line systems- both vertical anchorage and horizontal anchorage line systems (comprising of wire rope and alu-rail systems).
Fall protection equipment by KARAM encompasses a plethora of products, including Full Body Harnesses (including special purpose and all purpose Full Body Harnesses), Work Positioning belts, Lanyards, Connectors and Retractable Fall Arrester Blocks.
KARAM products are used to provide extreme levels of safety to a worker, and are used in wide range of industries, like Construction, Telecom towers, windmills, Refineries, Cement industry, Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industry and General industry.
Various applications where KARAM Safety products find their use are in safe working at height, window cleaning, rope access, confined space entry and exit, rescue and evacuation... Read More...


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